Kitten Heels.

A Temptuous Romance with an Article of Footwear.


I’ve decided to try drag/cross-dressing.

I’ve always hated mens fashion. So regimented and restricting, unimaginative. Different coloured reskins of the exact same T Shirt, the same stiff collared Shirt, Jeans, Hoodie, Leather Jacket, the exact same Suit and Tie combo. Maybe jazz it up with Waistcoat, or a Bow Tie. Big woop.

Well ok, Bow Ties are cool. Maybe a Fez?

Regardless, drab. Uninspired. Samey and unexpressive. Pragmatic.

If mens fashion could be summed up in a single word, to me it would be Monochrome. Black and White, grossly oversimplified and one dimensional. Homogeneous, there’s a better one.

Women’s fashion, on the other hand, fills out the entire rest of the colour spectrum; the beautiful, vibrant shades in between those two stark extremes. The sultry reds, the laidback turquoise and blues, the potent violets and ochres.

Certainly, there are the classic sewing patterns and designs, but the room for expression in women’s fashion is so much broader. Dresses and Skirts of every cut imaginable, same with Tops and Jackets, Shoes of every conceivable design. There are even several different types of /heel/ on a shoe (Kitten Heels have to be the most adorable term I’ve ever heard).

The choice is so much wider. Obviously, there are cultural reasons behind this, and many of them are not exactly positive, or forward thinking. But that is a discussion for another day (I’ve had a feminist rant bubbling away like plate tectonics for months, that’s bound to jarr into an eruption very soon).

So, as part of my journey in discovering what gender really is and where I fit in, this is the natural next step. To a certain degree, it is handy that I have a slender, more feminine frame (which is not to say that non-slender people are not feminine, but I would not want to attempt this new exploration if I were built like a Hemsworth…ahh, I did a twisty, you thought I meant if I was curvy. Well shame on you…). It makes the actual shopping for clothes easier, and easier is quite necessary right now, I am feeling a bit fragile in myself, mental health-wise.

Having gazed at women’s fashion from afar for so long, I already have an idea of what to go for. My height, which is considerable, even for a Male, means that long and flowy cuts are the order of the day.

I have, so far, gone for an ankle length, grey, lacey dress, very hippy, and very accommodating to my frame. To go with this, I have opted for a wig (because there is no way I could grow my hair out convincingly right now, with this receding hairline.) Very long, plum red, with a fringe. A full fringe! Even when I had long metalhead hair, I daren’t get a fringe!

To finish the core of the outfit off, I had to get boots, clearly. And you would not believe how hard it is to get decent women’s boots in a size 10-11. I guess Amazonians really are just myth.

That said, I eventually found 2 pairs, that I absolutely could not decide between; a pair of thigh length white leather heeled ones that are gorgeous, and a pair of much less ostentatious, but so much more cute brown leather ones, with the aforementioned kitten heel.

Naturally, as they were both combined, cheaper than another pair I had an eye on, I got both pairs, and hate myself already. One fewer Dominos until payday.

They are all in the process of being shipped rn, from different places and to differing schedules. Some will be here much earlier than others, and I will undoubtedly showcase each as they arrive.

Now, I just need to get around to shaving, learning how to do make up, picking up some accessories to go with the dress (bangles, necklace, etc.), and learn to walk in heels.

Why did I leave all this so damn long?? 27 is no age to be learning to walk.